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2014 Tutorial Day

UK Chapter

Lydiard House Conference Centre near Swindon SN5 3PA

Full Day

INCOSE International Symposium

INCOSE Central

Henderson, NV, USA

Full Days

INCOSE International Symposium

INCOSE Central

Henderson, NV, USA

Full Days

INCOSE International Symposium

INCOSE Central

Henderson, NV, USA

Full Days

INCOSE International Symposium

INCOSE Central

Henderson, NV, USA

Full Days

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Current Events

Time Location Details
11/06/2014 -

Full Day
UK Chapter

Lydiard House Conference Centre near Swindon SN5 3PA
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2014 Tutorial Day

INCOSE UK tutorial days provide an excellent opportunity to extend or reinforce your Systems Engineering skills by learning from acknowledged experts. The day focuses on subjects that are of practical use in an SE environment by covering topics that are established SE processes and techniques to add to your SE ‘tool-box’. There tutorial options will be published shortly.
27/06/2014 -

Full Days
INCOSE Central

Henderson, NV, USA
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INCOSE International Symposium

INCOSE's International Symposium brings together senior leaders and practitioners from industry, universities, and organizations to deliver the latest global perspective on systems engineering along with sponsors and exhibitors from across the global systems engineering community.

Four industry tracks are included in the Technical Program:

  • Automotive Industry Track
  • Biomedical & Healthcare Industry Track
  • Energy & Infrastructure Industry Track
  • Ground Transportation Industry Track

This year's programming focuses on relevant industry themes and challenges - including increasing SE capability and SE competency within these domains; increasing the effectiveness of SE change programs across organizations; reuse and SE PLM (product lifecycle management) strategies and SE implementation case studies. Industry Roundtables and working sessions allow industry exchange of current SE practices and approaches to addressing SE challenges.

For more information visit

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Future Events

Time Location Details
01/07/2014 -

Model Based Systems Engineering

Dassault Systèmes
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Model Based Systems Engineering WG Mtg

03/07/2014 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

Mott MacDonald’s offices in 10 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RB
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HS2 Systems Architecture

Eddie will describe how a systems architecture is being constructed and used on the HS2 project to identify all high level interfaces and to align activities concerned with RAM, safety, requirements, commissioning and overall systems demonstration and assurance. For more details see the flyer attached.

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07/07/2014 -

6.30 for 7.00 pm
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Room 107 Marlborough Hall
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ESE Interest Group

After two workshop meetings, we return to presentation-mode with a talk from one of INCOSE UK's most influential members, who will speak on issues of direct concern to Enteprise Systems Engineering.


“Addressing Root Causes through Enterprise-level Collaboration”.

The talk will be based on the presenter's experience from Niteworks and the development of its White Papers, including Continuous Capability Evolution and Architecting Styles (but will also mention Complex Systems Interventions and Capability Coherence). It will focus the major part of the briefing on the first two of these as exemplars. 

Mike Wilkinson is the Technical Director of Niteworks, where he is on secondment from Atkins. He has a first degree in physics and a PhD in theoretical physics from King’s College London. He is past president of the UK Chapter of INCOSE and is currently their Academic Director. He is co-chair of both INCOSE’s UK and International Architecture Working Groups. Within Atkins he is a Technical Director in the Defence Business Unit and was first chair of the Atkins Systems Technical Network. He is a visiting professor at the University of Loughborough, where he is associated with the Engineering System of Systems (ESoS) group.

This topic should be of interest to a wide cross-section of INCOSE membership, who are encouraged to attend even if they have not previously been involved with the ESE Interest Group. There wil be ample opportunity for discussion with Mike and between attendees. If previous meetings are any guide, this will be lively, informative and stimulating.

Time wil be taken at the end of the meeting to discuss future plans, in particular the way ahead for the workshop topic: ESE vs SOSE. 

The usual rules for booking in apply: to be admitted at reception, please book in via this site by close of business on Friday 4th July

15/07/2014 -

18:30 -21:00
Bristol Local Group

Atkins, The Hub, 500 Park Avenue Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4RZ
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A Systems Approach to Nuclear Safety”

For this event, the Bristol Local Group is pleased to welcome Gideon York, of the Office of Nuclear Regulation, to discuss a Systems Approach to Nuclear Regulation.

Gideon will present an overview of the issues of nuclear safety, introduce the role of Office of Nuclear Regulator and its changing approach and conclude with a couple of Case Studies. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss role of governance and oversight across the Systems Engineering field

This event is free, and refreshments will be provided, however for site security requirements and to ensure appropriate catering arrangements can be made, please register online

21/07/2014 -

11:00 - 15:00
Service Systems Engineering

QinetiQ, 1st Floor, 36 Broadway, London SW1H 0BH
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Service SE Meeting #9

The aim of this meeting will be to consolidate where we are and get to a point where, at the next meeting, we can finalise the characterisation variables and Use Cases we are going to use in our analysis of techniques etc.

1.       Review plan and current status
2.       Review and agree characterisation variables
3.       Review and agree service type categorisations
4.       Review existing Use Cases
5.       Review Use Case template
6.       Discuss generic Use Case examples
7.       Discuss output format
8.       Agree actions for next meeting

Notes from Previous Meetings are at

07/08/2014 -

10:00 - 1600
Agile Systems Engineering WG

IBM United Kingdom Limited Birmingham Road Warwick Warwickshire
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Agile Working Group inaugural meeting

The first meeting of the INCOSE UK Agile Working Group will be at IBM Warwick on Thursday 7 August starting at 10am and with an intended finish of 4pm. I know that is not convenient for everyone; I will try to ensure that any important points are captured so that we can share them with anyone unable to attend.

Please can you let me know if you intend to attend, or if you are sending someone else.

I would appreciate it if you could come prepared. Some things I would like you to have thought about in advance are:

  1. What is the driving force behind your interest in Agile for Systems Engineering (what need are you addressing)
  2. What do you want to get out of the Working Group
  3. What are your current references for understanding Agile
  4. What I hope to get out of this first meeting is a goal statement for the working group and a plan for starting work on at least one output (possibly a z-guide)

    If you have any really good references, then it would be really helpful if you could print out some notes, links, abstracts, references, or whatever you have, with enough copies to go around. I am hoping that by the meeting, I will have a plan for a collaboration space, either on the INCOSE UK domain, or elsewhere, so that we can share information easily.

    I will have some information about the INCOSE UK expectations of a Working Group, and we will have an update from the INCOSE International Agile Systems Working Group.

    Hazel Woodcock

    click here for a link to directions

02/09/2014 -

Model Based Systems Engineering

Rolls Royce
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Model Based Systems Engineering WG Mtg

08/09/2014 -

11:00 - 15:00
Service Systems Engineering

Rolls-Royce plc Whittle House WH73 PO Box 3, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7QE, UK Sat nav postcode - BS34 6QA
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Service SE Meeting #10 Please note change of venue


1. Introductions

2. Notes from Last Meeting 21 July 2014

3. Issues with scope and content of work.

4. World views of Services

5. Scope of Working Group

6. Use Cases – updates

7. Characteristics – updates

8. Threefold – Strawman

9. ASEC14 presentation/contribution

10/09/2014 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

RSSB, Block 2, Angel Square, 1 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NY
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Whole Life Cost Modelling for the Tube

I am pleased to announce our first event for the Autumn session:

Whole Life Cost Modelling for the Tube, Stephen Jones, LU, 1700H for 1730H, Wednesday, 10th September 2014, RSSB, Block 2, Angel Square, 1 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NY.

Stephen Jones is a Systems Engineer at London Underground. He will describe how systems thinking is being applied to whole life cost and some of the practical problems encountered. The presentation will examine the enterprise-level requirement and will review different solutions taken from UK history and overseas practice. For the New Tube for London, Stephen will describe how LU are scaling the whole life cost approach up to line level and how this can focus development on those key activities that drive cost over the programme and asset life cycles.

There is no charge for attendance at this event but places must be booked in advance. Bookings for this event are now open. To book, obtain directions or for any other questions, please contact me at or on +44 (0)7970 694043.

29/09/2014 -

7.00 pm (coffee from 6.30)
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Marlborough Hall Room 105
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Enterprise Systems Engineering IG

The SESAR Enterprise
We pick up after summer break with an Invited talk by John Lomax of Airbus Defence & Space, who will join us from his office in Brussels.
Synopsis: A programmatic overview will be given of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management System Development Programme (SESAR) - with observations on the application of Systems Engineering in the context of the new paradigms of Enterprise Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering (ESE and SoSE). The presentation will include a summary of the of the programme scope and objectives, with special emphasis on key challenges, including its size and complexity and the emerging SE responses.  The talk will be illustrated by slides and an audio-visual presentation. Ample time will be allowed for discussion of points arising. 
Presenter: John Lomax is a Systems Engineer with Airbus Defence and Space with over 28 years experience that include international assignments across five different countries. He has a degree in Control Systems and an Advanced Systems Engineering Diploma and is an INCOSE CSEP and Senior Certification Application Reviewer. Previous notable positions includes the lead requirements and systems engineering role for the Prognostics and Health Management System of the Joint Strike Fighter Programme. John is currently on assignment as one of the 'Technical Coherence Coordinators' of the Industrial Support Team at the SESAR Joint Undertaking European Commission Agency located in Brussels.
Although the talk continues the on-going exploration of enterprise-related issues, it will undoubtedly be of interest to those who have not previously attended the IG and who wish to gain some insight into complex multi-national programmes. 
[Please note that are currently planning a session from 4pm for those involved in the presentation on ESE & SoS for ASEC 14. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.]
In order to comply with Defence Acedemy's rules for visitor access, we ask those wishing to attend to register by close of play on Friday 26th September, either on line - ie below - or by contacting Peter Brook on , 

Past Events

Time Location Details
29/05/2014 -

Midlands Local Group

Loughborough University, Garendon Wing (door L) Hollywell Park
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From IED's to bovine TB: Applying Systems Methods to Real World Problems

Science and technology has played an important role in supporting UK Government interests for
many years ranging from challenges within the UK to deployed operations abroad, such as Operation
HERRICK in Afghanistan since 2002. These challenges can be characterised by a high degree of
complexity, significant costs, major logistical demands and many severe technical obstacles that need
to be addressed, especially where there is a threat to livelihood or even threat to life such as in Op

This presentation will comprise three elements. Firstly, the presentation will introduce some of the
complexities presented by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which became one of the touchstone
issues in Op HERRICK. IEDs have presented UK forces and coalition partners with extraordinary
challenges and treating them merely as a technical threat could only be part of a wider approach.
Secondly, the presentation will extend to introduce some systems approaches (including Soft
Systems Methodology SSM) currently being used within the Department for the Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), specifically in the domains of animal and plant health, and also bovine TB
in the UK. Effective interventions are necessary and systems methods are proving to be a vital way of
understanding long-term, complex sets of interconnected issues. Finally, the presentation will explain
how IEDs and animal/plant health/bovine TB are linked at all …

Neil Lindsay works in DSTL, the organisation providing scientific and technical support to the Ministry
of Defence. Following a period of in-depth materials research, Neil has undertaken a number of senior
roles within DSTL beginning with Chief Scientist (Naval Systems). For the last five years Neil has
developed innovative systems-based techniques to understand and counter complex enterprises and


Contact Information: Luminita Ciocoiu (01509 635 208)

19/05/2014 -

11:00 - 15:00
Service Systems Engineering

University of Bristol The Systems Centre, University of Bristol, Faculty of Engineering, Merchant Venturers Building, Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UB, UK. Tel: +44 (0)117 331 5421
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Service Systems Engineering. Meeting 8


1 Introduction / Attendees
2 Working Group Member Outcome Requirements and Schedule to complete
3 Previous minutes and outputs / Review and discussion of work being done
3.1 Risk in Service Provision
3.2 Characterisation of Services
3.3 Product-Service Systems
3.4 Review of Cambridge Services Alliance Documents
3.5 Review SEBoK entries
3.6 Update of Plan
4 Communications
5 Dates for future meetings

13/05/2014 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

UCL’s Roberts Building in Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE.
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The Atkins/UCL MSc in Rail Integrated Design Management: Developing the Skills to Deliver Multi-discipline Design Solutions

Bob will describe the integrated programme and its syllabus, reflect on the experience with it to date and suggest lessons that can be drawn for teaching system-related skills in the rail sector. For more details see the flyer attached.

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12/05/2014 -

19.00 (Coffee from 18.30)
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Marlborough Hall Room 107
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ESE and SoS: Integration vs Differentiation

Following the workshop session on this topic at the last meeting, we propose to continue with our investigation into the relationship between Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) and Systems of Systems (SoS). 

The drivers here include a desire to continue a debate which so far has been lively and informative, the opportunity to inform the next iteration of the SEBoK chapters, and a serious attempt to shed light on two areas which arguably define the frontiers for Systems Engineering.

Based on the work already undertaken an abstract was submitted to ASEC 14 for a paper representing the views of the ESE IG as a whole. (A copy can be seen here) This has now been accepted for development to the next stage. Whether or not it is finally selected for presentation, it is already clear that material arising from this discussion could be considered for wider dissemination.

Whether you have been a contributor to the debate so far, or simply want to catch up with latest thinking, you have the chance to make a contribution and have your voice heard. 

As usual there are stringent conditions arising from the need to register names beforehand with Defence Academy. With that in mind, it is essential that attendees make on-line booking no later than close of business on Thursday 9th May

12/05/2014 -

Bristol Local Group

The HUB (Atkins offices) 500 Park Ave, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4RZ
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Meeting the challenges of Cyber using Agile Systems Engineering


Emmet C.  Eckman III (“Rusty”), the Director of Programs in Northrop Grumman’s Intelligence Solution Unit of their Cyber Solutions Division will discuss some of the challenges of developing effective solutions in a rapidly changing cyber environment.  Rusty is an Expert Systems Engineering Professional and a Certified ScrumMaster ® with significant experience in the delivery of mission critical systems in agile environments. Rusty will describe the specific challenges of developing cyber solutions, and how Northrop Grumman has adopted Agile Systems Engineering approaches to meet one of the greatest security challenges of the 21st Century.

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12/05/2014 -

Model Based Systems Engineering

Transport Systems Catapult
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Model Based Systems Engineering WG Mtg

01/05/2014 -

18:30 for 19:00
Bristol Local Group

Lecture Theatre 2Q49, Q Block, Frenchay Campus, University of West England, Coldharbour Lane BS16 1QY
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Autonomous and Complex Systems: Context, Methods and Future Directions in Control and Monitoring

Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan will provide an overview of the Sheffield Control Engineering Department and its research to provide context. He will give details of the tools and techniques used in control and systems engineering - specifically for health monitoring, decision support systems and data analytics and provide an outline of the current directions in autonomous and complex systems research.

This is a joint event organised by the IET Bristol Network and supported by the INCOSE Bristol Local Group, and was originally scheduled for 3rd February 2014.

Refreshments will be served at 18:30.

Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan is Head of Department and Director of the Rolls-Royce supported UTC (University Technology Centre) in Control and Systems Engineering at the Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, The University of Sheffield.

Please register using the IET website:

Details of the UWE Frenchay campus can be found here:

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03/04/2014 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

Parsons Brinckerhoff's offices, 6 Devonshire Sq, London EC2M 4YE
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Crossrail 2 - History and transport planning case: Are we talking the same language - planners and engineers?

Richard is Modelling Manager at TfL. He will be talking about how TfL decide which places to connect and how and the extensive modelling undertaken to provide decision support.  The talk will look at the challenge in the context of real case study. Further details will follow.

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25/03/2014 -

6.30pm for 7pm till 9pm
Bristol Local Group

Knowledge Exchange Suite, Ground Floor, Merchant Venturers Building University of Bristol, Woodlands Road, Bristol, BS8 1UB.
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Bristol Local Group Systems Research Showcase

Once again, the Industrial Doctorate Centre at the University of Bristol invites the INCOSE UK BLG to its Knowledge Exchange Suite in Woodlands Road to see more systems engineering research presented by current EngD research engineers.

There will also be opportunities to see some of the work at the Systems Centre, and to question, review, and possibly even contribute to the ongoing research activities.

Staff will be available at the reception desk in the Merchant Venturers Building to direct you to the venue. Car parking is free in Woodland Road after 6pm and there is a multi-storey car park in Trenchard Street. As with all local group events the main purpose of the evening is to allow INCOSE members (and potential new members) to meet, ask questions and share their views on the chosen topics.

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24/03/2014 -

South Coast Local Group

Langstone Technology Park (South Entrance), Langstone Road, Havant PO9 1SA
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South Coast Local Group Meeting

Maritime Composite Training System (MCTS)

Neil Turner, BAE Systems.


BAE Systems Maritime Composite Training System is a world class warfare operator training solution which supports operational capability by ensuring that individuals and teams have the knowledge and confidence required to operate and fight their ships at sea.


This lecture provides an overview of MCTS and how it provides a cost-effective training system for the Royal Navy.  It will explain how functional fidelity is preserved in addition to achieving representative physical fidelity and looks at some of the challenges that had to be overcome.