We are delighted to confirm that the following exhibitors will be attending this year’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The companies are listed in alphabetical order, with any UKAB members being listed before non-UKAB members.

Jama logo

Jama Software

Jama Software brings innovative analytics, solutions and insights to companies creating complex products and mission-critical software systems. With expanded product and service capabilities, the Jama Product Development Platform empowers large enterprises to accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance.

Representing the forefront of modern development, its rapidly growing customer base of more than 600 organizations — including SpaceX, NASA, Thales and Caterpillar — use Jama Software to streamline processes and bring complex products to market. Through Predictive Product Development, Jama equips its customers to make the most of their revenue potential and achieve ongoing competitive advantages.

No magic logo

No Magic

No Magic is the vendor of choice for comprehensive model-driven systems engineering solutions. Based on the MagicDraw® platform, No Magic’s Cameo Suite is recognized in the industry for its adherence to standards, usability, and ability to adapt and integrate. No Magic also provides professional services which include MBSE deployment, training, consultancy and tool customization. The company is an active member of both OMG® and INCOSE. No Magic always endeavors to ensure that standards are developed to support modelers.

PPI Logo

Project Performance International (PPI)

Project Performance International (PPI) is the world’s largest provider of systems engineering training, over 13,600 professionals in 39 countries having benefited across almost every imaginable sector.

PPI empowers professionals worldwide and improves the performance of their companies. We do this through insightful, experience-based training delivered by world experts using advanced learning techniques.

As testament to PPI’s impact, globally we have hundreds of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including Airbus, BAE Systems, BHP Billiton, Boeing, De Beers, Draper Lab, Dyson, Embraer, Halliburton, L3, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, NATS, NEC, Nokia, Northrop Grumman, Panasonic, Shell, Siemens, Thales and Tetra Pak, amongst many others.

PPI plays a leadership role within the systems engineering community. For example, PPI is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Corporate Advisory Board, working for over a decade alongside other leading companies in improving the practice of systems engineering. We also contribute via standards development.

Scarecrow logo

Scarecrow Consultants

Founded in 2014 by Jon Holt and Simon Perry, Scarecrow Consultants are a tool-independent model-based Systems Engineering consultancy, with a mission to “promote the use and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering in businesses worldwide, by pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for MBSE in the real world”.

Scarecrow Consultants are true experts in the theory and real-life application of MBSE, are recognised at an international level and have published more books on MBSE than any other organisation in the world.

Scarecrow have extensive MBSE knowledge and experience and have developed a number of innovative techniques such as their TeamStorming approach to brainstorming and team-building, and RAVEnS, their unique, visual MBSE review service. This allows Scarecrow to offer focussed, practical and effective training, mentoring and consultancy in MBSE to help organisations to develop the MBSE skills and competency of their People, understand and define their engineering Processes and make best use of their MBSE Tools.

Reuse Company Logo

The Reuse Company

The REUSE Company is an organisation specialised in the application of Semantic Representation and Analysis Technologies to a wide range of industries (Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Naval, Health, Industrial machinery...). Our customers are usually (but not limited to) safety-oriented organizations.

Our main focus is on System/Software Reuse, Traceability and Quality applied to all types of work-products throughout the whole SE lifecycle (requirements, SysML Models, physical models, tests cases, data results, manuals, natural language descriptions, fault trees,etc). The integration of tools and technology from The REUSE Company facilitates the representation, analysis and exploitation of knowledge allowing for a knowledge-centric Systems Engineering approach.

Our mission is to promote system/software and knowledge reuse within any organization, by offering processes, methods, tools and services that make it possible. We offer technology that is fully integrated within the organization's production chain.