TC 5: Don't Panic! The Absolute Beginner's Introduction to Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) - Simon Perry & Rob Behan

Course Overview

Training day presentation

Scarecrow Consultants is pleased to announce a one-day tutorial at the INCOSE Training Day 2017. Coinciding with the launch of their latest book 'Don't Panic! The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)', published by INCOSE UK. This one-day training course is aimed at the complete novice to the world of MBSE

As practitioners of MBSE, one of the biggest problems that faces us is attempting to get over that initial hurdle of engaging with the Systems Engineering and wider communities, without them running for the hills in abject fear!

'It's too complicated', 'I don't have the time', 'I can't change the way that we have always worked', 'my project has already started', 'my staff won't understand it' are just some of the many reasons that we hear on an almost daily basis for why people won't even consider, let alone implement, MBSE.

This training course and accompanying book is our response to this!

The aim is to provide an honest, straightforward and simple introduction to the world of MBSE that (almost) anyone can understand.

This course is intended to be used as a primer for MBSE for people who are new to the area. With this in mind, there are a number of key points that we will address throughout the day:

  • To nip in the bud bad practice and common pitfalls that we have learned the hard way
  • To dispel some of the many myths and misconceptions associated with MBSE
  • To spell out some of the fundamental concepts that must be understood
  • To alleviate people's fears concerning MBSE and its adoption in your business
  • To highlight some of the many benefits (some obvious, but many not-so-obvious) associated with MBSE

This course is intended to be simple enough to give to anyone with good common sense and a modicum of technical knowledge a clear understanding of exactly what MBSE is and what it isn't.

It is also intended to be a stepping stone into the more advanced areas of MBSE, such as implementing MBSE into your business, getting involved with the wider MBSE community and generally getting your hands dirty on real projects.

We have attempted to answer some of the many, many questions and concerns that people have so that you can pre-empt these in your own working practice.

This training course is aimed at systems engineers, managers, board members, students and anyone who is seriously interested in using modelling to enhance and improve their existing Systems Engineering activities.

Course Trainers

Simon Perry holds Bachelor's degrees from both the University of Leeds and the Open University. Since gaining his degree in Mathematics in 1986 he has spent 30 years working in all aspects of software and systems engineering. Simon often speaks at systems engineering conferences and is the co-author of five books in the field of applied MBSE. Simon is a Director and Principal Consultant for Scarecrow Consultants Ltd, providing consultancy, training and conducting research in the application of Systems Engineering. He works in industry, government and academia and has applied his work across many disciplines in a wide range of industries including defence, the nuclear industry, timber engineering, finance and train manufacture.

Rob Behan has 35 years of experience gained in a number of diverse fields whilst working for Rolls-Royce Aerospace (Defence). Rob was an early adopter of the application of Systems Engineering techniques within the design and manufacture of engineering components and was recognised as a company Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the application of Systems Engineering and MBSE. He was a mentor to systems engineers in Rolls-Royce and also established and was Chair of the Rolls-Royce Global MBSE Community of Practice.