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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
14/05/2018 -

18:30 for 19:00 start to 20:30
Bristol Local Group

Atkins, The Hub 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol BS32 4RZ
Systems Engineering Project Management: INCOSE/APM Working Group

The Systems Engineering / Project Management (SEPM) Joint Working Group (JWG) was established in 2013 between APM and INCOSE UK to foster better integration of project management and systems engineering. This has been successful to the point that APM has made it one of their Specific Interest Groups (SIG) – and run jointly with INCOSE UK. These Groups have a standing within APM that gives access to APM resources and influences APM thinking.

From the outset the JWG looked to build a shared understanding of mutual dependencies and promote the benefits of systems thinking.  SE and PM both focus on the achievement of business goals through successful delivery, but each has different perspectives and priorities which can result in inefficient and sometimes ineffective delivery.  The presentation will focus on two of the main SEPM JWG outputs:

·       SEPM life cycles models and processes: Andrew Gray will focus on the work the group undertook to compare and categorise life cycles and processes within the two disciplines, analyse subsequent touch points, overlaps tensions and fusions as indicators of the wider synergies that can be achieved. Information presented will be drawn mainly from the papers published at ASEC 2015 and the INCOSE International Symposium 2017.

·       SEPM roles & responsibilities:   David Cole will describe the JWG work to develop an integrated view of SE and PM roles and responsibilities, consider how these evolve through the life cycle, the sources of potential conflict and how this conflict can be addressed. Information presented will be drawn mainly from the SIG Guide to SEPM Roles & Responsibilities document and a paper published at ASEC 2017.

Andrew and David are both experienced portfolio, programme and project managers and consultants who have worked primarily with technically focussed private and public-sector organisations to both directly manage and advise on the management of their portfolios, programmes and projects. Both are Chartered Engineers, members of APM, and members of the INCOSE UK/ APM Systems Thinking SIG committee.  


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