Systems Engineering

"Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems". [INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook]

Systems Engineering is all about creating and sustaining successful, purposeful, systems

  • Relates to the development and delivery of goods and services
  • Delivers real benefits to the suppliers, customers, and society
  • Works with all technical domains, and all business functions

The practice of Systems Engineering is a balance between Systemic and Systematic aspects:

  • Systemic - thinking about the whole system, its context and stakeholders
  • Systematic - following a structured approach to the realisation of the system

Systems Engineers are the glue that enables a complex project to succeed 

  • “T-shaped people"
  • Broad understanding across domains/disciplines
  • Deep specialist competence in systems approaches
  • May also have secondary disciplines
  • MOST systems engineers are interesting, and inquisitive people open to new ideas