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PRESS RELEASE: INCOSE UK recognised as the Leading Chapter in the International Council on Systems Engineering

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ASEC 2014 booking is now open! To find out more information or to book please click here. To download papers from past events please click here.

Professional Development

Do you want to become a Chartered Engineer or wish to study for and become an ASEP / CSEP or ESEP, then you have come to the right place.

Annual Elections

This autumn, in line with our election process, we will be holding an election for the posts of President-Elect, Communications Director and Events Director. These three appointments automatically have places on the INCOSE UK Council and the President-Elect and the Events Director also become Directors of INCOSE UK Ltd.

The election process, for any member wishing to stand for one of these positions, is as follows:

Nominations should be drawn from current INCOSE UK Membership, with agreement of the nominees, and must be submitted in writing to the INCOSE UK Secretariat by Friday 19 September 2014.

Nominations Papers must:

  • Indicate the position applied for;
  • Include the names and signatures of a proposer and a seconder (both of whom must be current Members of INCOSE UK);
  • Include a 250 - 350 word Brief Personal Statement / Election Address giving the candidate's qualifications and reasons for candidacy.

Members will be able to read these statements once they are published on the election pages of the INCOSE UK website.

Elections will take place online through the INCOSE UK website. Voting will commence on Monday 20 October 2014 and close on Sunday 16th November 2014.

For more information please visit our Annual Elections page.

INCOSE EMEA Sector Conference

The EMEASEC is the continuation of the biennial European Systems Engineering conferences (EuSEC). The name of this ninth conference has changed from EuSEC to EMEASEC in order to better represent the geographical and cultural scope of the EMEA Sector of INCOSE. For more information

Do you have to deal with complex technical problems where there are many stakeholders and many possible solutions?

INCOSE UK exists to help those who deal with such situations on a daily basis.

Our members are involved in all aspects of systems lifecycles from concept through to operational use and eventual disposal, covering both technical and management processes, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and business domains.

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