Systems Engineering Survey

Over the past few months INCOSE UK has sponsored a UK-wide Systems Engineering Survey. The survey was developed and launched on-line and its aim has been to understand better whether the UK SE Community offers the right challenges and opportunities to the right people, focuses on the right skill sets, and offers the right rewards.

282 Systems Engineers responded to the survey, a remarkably positive response given that this is the first time a survey of this type has been conducted across the UK Systems Engineering community.

The results are now in and have been analysed. The powerpoint document below sets out a summary of the survey findings, as presented at INCOSE UK ASEC 2010:

SE Market Survey Findings

INCOSE UK would like to thank the UKAB for their support in this process with special thanks going to GCHQ. We hope as many Systems Engineers as possible read the survey findings and it helps stimulate our thoughts and ideas on how our community can develop.