Academic/Research Posters

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Simplifying the Input-Process-Output Diagrams  Taj Sturman  Poster  21/11/2017  pdf   Members Only 
Technology Building Blocks: Capability-linked Research Goals  David Chinn  Poster  21/11/2017  pdf   Members Only 
Applying SysML to Nuclear Fusion Power Plants  Ian Clargo  Poster  21/11/2017  pdf   Members Only 
U-Test: Testing Cyber-Physical Systems Under Uncertainty  Man Zhang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue  Poster  21/11/2017  pdf   Members Only 
Using Graph-Theoretic Analytics to Support System Architecting Decisions  Matthew Potts, Pia Sartor, Angus Johnson, Seth Bullock  Poster  21/11/2017  pdf   Members Only 
Applying Systems Methodologies for Community / Social Development  Mohammad Fahreem Mirza  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Decision Influence Model: Cultural Limitations On User Decisions  Guy Schmidt  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Application of directed property graphs / tuples to MBSE  Nic Plum  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Project Risk Management – Perceptions and Attitudes in Space Projects  Zakari Tsiga, Michael Emes, Alan Smith  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Exploring Problem & Solution Spaces Through Storytelling  Tim James  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Design with ISO 16355 for QFD  Dr Kim E Stansfield,Glenn H Mazur  Poster  02/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Metrics and Viable Systems  Thomas Walworth  Poster  17/11/2015  pdf   Open 
Newcastle Cyber-Physical Lab: A UK cross-disciplinary design centre  Claire Ingram  Poster  17/11/2015  pdf   Open 
Centre for Systems Engineering Bringing Systems Engineering to Life, Technology Enhanced Learning  Paul Adams  Poster  17/11/2015  pdf   Open 
Managing Complexity in SE Development  Dawn Gilbert  Poster  17/11/2015  pdf   Open 
INTO-CPS An Integrated Tool chain for Cyber-Physical Systems  Zoe Andrews  Poster  17/11/2015  pdf   Open 
A Systems Engineering Approach To The Challenges Of Sport Business  Alessandro Migliaccio,  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Developing New Business Models for Infrastructure: An MBSE Methodology  Christopher Bouch  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Game Theoretic Approaches for Security Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks  Konstantinos Maraslis  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
The Distribution of Systems Engineering Project Performance  Tristan Butterfield  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Timing Constraints in EAST-ADL and MARTE  Damjan Temelkovski, Ljerka Beus-Dukic  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Understanding the Operation of an SE Development System  Dawn Gilbert  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
COMPASS: Advanced methods and tools for model-based systems-of-systems engineering  Zoe Andrews and John Fitzgerald  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Cyber-Physical Systems Lab: a new research centre in CPS engineering  Carl Gamble Maciej Koutny, Alex Yakovlev, John Fitzgerald , Ken Pierce, Andrey Mokhov  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Maintaining Systems-of-Systems Fit-for-Purpose  Steve Hinsley, Prof. Michael Henshaw, Prof. Carys Siemieniuch  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open 
Improvement of System Design Process for Whole Life Cost Reduction  Piotr Sydor1, Phil John1, Essam Shehab1, Tim Mackley1, Andy Harrison2  Poster  13/11/2014  pdf   Open