Technology Life Cycle Working Group

This Working Group has now been disbanded for the following reason: BS 7000 Design Management Systems - 'Guide to Managing Innovation' was tabled at one of the Working Group's meetings. This document appears to cover the topics that the group was intending to address. It therefore seems unnecessary to continue with the Working Group. For historical reasons the Working Group's original Terms of Reference are reproduced below.

Original Terms of Reference

Area of interest: The Technology Life Cycle Working Group (TLCWG ) addresses how systems engineering can be used to better:

  • define the term “emerging technology”
  • identify emerging technologies
  • recommend methods to facilitate insertion of emerging technology into products and services to minimize disruption and optimize benefits
  • determine the probable life cycle of these technologies and their significant transition points
  • recommend methods to utilize the maturing technologies effectively and efficiently over their useful life cycle
  • transition technologies among sectors
  • Recommend and/or issue guidelines on how to disengage from or replace obsolescing technologies at an optimal point for a given service or product instantiation or aspect of a system.
  • Recommend and/or issue guidelines on how best to dispose of obsolescent technologies in a manner beneficial to all stakeholders

The TLCWG also addresses the reciprocal relationship associated with how emerging, maturing and obsolescing technologies can impact the practice and profession of systems engineering in different application domains or from other viewpoints.

Relationship to the areas of interest of any other Working Groups, and any exclusions or boundaries: The TLCWG is a source of information for other Working Groups to consider in developing their own agendas and plans. It is seen as a complementary rather than an overlapping Working Group.

How establishing the TLCWG addresses specific needs of INCOSE stakeholders and stakeholders outside of INCOSE: Understanding how systems engineering can be applied to managing technology, as well as how technology may impact the practice of systems engineering will help stakeholders both inside and outside of INCOSE understand how to acquire, use and disengage from technology changes on a broad basis.

Value basis of the Working Group: (activities, projects and products that come from the Working Group and the specific value each brings to INCOSE members and other stakeholders):

  • provide formal definition of “emerging technology” with respect to products, services, standards
  • develop a standard for identification of, communication about, handling of, and obsolescence of emerging technologies
  • identify trends, timelines, issues, impacts, actors, and predicted direction of trends with regard to emerging technologies
  • identify coordination needed with other INCOSE WGs that would be impacted by or interested in emerging technology issues; implement that coordination
  • provide an active outreach program within INCOSE, with industry, government and education, and with other professional engineering organizations
  • provide a forum for information and points of contact for government, industry, and education regarding emerging technology
  • identify standard and exceptional life cycle stages, transition points, and timelines for technology
  • identify the systems engineering aspects of insertion of new technology into legacy systems; recommend approaches to insertion that are most and least likely to benefit systems
  • identify the systems engineering aspects of aging technology and impacts on legacy systems
  • maintain a list of obsolescent technology * provide a resource library for emerging technologies and emergency technology issues
  • provide training materials on emergency technology issues, approaches, trends, products, and services for INCOSE-approved accreditation

Measures of success for the Working Group:

  • Living lists of products, identification of their respective life cycle stages, and contact information for reference, and frequency of use
  • Approval of an INCOSE-approved class on emerging technology
  • Membership growth; level of participation or interest from industry, government, and education
  • Papers, panels, tutorials by TLCMWG members
  • Participation with other Working Groups to use TLCMWG expertise

Working Group placement within the Technical Leadership Team: TBD

Operations of the Working Group (planning; coordination and integration within and outside of the Technical Leadership Team; project establishment; member recruitment and involvement; leadership identification, development and evaluation; elections; reporting within and external to the Working Group; value basis review; basis of termination):

It is envisaged that this WG will be launched at the IS08 with a first kick-off meeting to be held at the IW09.

Specific initial project(s) and resulting value basis, with timetable: Initially, the input received from the Emerging Technology WG will be used to develop this new Group.

Specific initial and long-term resource needs, with cost: TBD