In Service Systems Working Group

The INCOSE In-Service Systems Working Group was launched in 2008. It completed its work in April 2010 but work continues at an international level.

Mission statement

There is emerging consensus within the Systems Engineering (SE) community that, while the principles underpinning SE remain the same across the lifecycle:

  • some of the issues concerned with sustaining existing systems are more problematic than when realising new systems; and
  • the existing SE Body of Knowledge and the competences of SE practitioners tend to be stronger on the issues that are more important when realising new systems than on the issues that are more important when changing existing systems.

The group's mission was to help practitioners overcome the particular difficulties of SE on in-service systems.

General Information

In 2008, the group delivered an initial report which identified six areas in which the guidance on performing SE on in-service systems could be improved.

In 2010, the group delivered a final report which supplements the INCOSE SE Handbook by providing additional guidance on performing SE for in-service systems. We hope that INCOSE members will use this guidance and feed back their experiences.

The UK Group has now handed over to an international working group which is taking the project further. If you have any feedback on the final report of the UK Group or would like to be involved in the activities of the international Working Group please email who co-chairs this group or call Bruce on +44 (0)7970 694043.