Architecture Working Group

The INCOSE UK Architecture Working Group was established in early 2007.

Mission statement

The aims of the AWG are to:

  • To provide guidance and advice to UK systems engineering community on architecture practice;
  • To exert influence over the use of architecture concepts within the UK systems engineering community;
  • To liaise with other systems engineering groups involved in architecture work.

General Information

The work of the AWG is currently based around the following topics:

  • Architecture concepts & terminology
  • Uses and types of Architecture
  • SE relationship to architecture.

The work is carried out using:

  • Quarterly steering group meetings
  • Ad hoc workshops on particular topics
  • Interaction via the AWG Wiki

The AWG regularly contributes to INCOSE UK and international events and has also published a variety of papers and magazine articles. 

The main achievements to date have been:

  • Developed Methodology to Understand conflicting Architecture Beliefs / Perspectives
  • Applied methodology to drive out Beliefs / Perspectives in:

   -   Architecture Standards / Publications
   -   Architecture Practice in UK Industry / Government
   -   SE / SA relationship

  • Developed guidance on UK Architecture Practice

   -   Introductory guidance (Z-Guide)
   -   Detailed guidance / handbook

Ongoing Workstreams include:

  • Supporting development of standards and reference material (ISO 42010, ISO 42030, ISO 15288, SEBoK)
  • Developing manifesto for broadening of SA
  • Developing competency framework for architecting
  • Capturing and codifying case studies / worked examples