TC 1: Interfaces & Interdependencies - Ian McClellan

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Course Overview

A delegate attending the session will gain:

  • A good grasp of Interfaces & Interdependencies within the discipline of Systems Engineering
  • An understanding of the benefits and potential benefits of certain methods and techniques
  • Sufficient knowledge of those methods and techniques to enable them to be applied in practice on a project
  • Pointers to books, courses and other resources, such as Standards and the INCOSE SE Handbook to enable further study of the subject
  • The case studies will be based largely on the presenter's experience, but they will be presented in such a way that they can be applied by delegates outside of the defence industry

Course content will include:

  • The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, Section 9.6, describes Interface Management:
    • Interface requirements are defined through the System Requirements Definition Process
    • Interfaces are identified within the Architecture Definition Process
    • As system requirements are defined the interface descriptions and definitions are realised in the system architectures
    • Further refinement and definition is provided by the Design Definition Process
  • Dependency and Stakeholder Management should be managed as a transversal activity throughout the Engineering Lifecycle within the Project Management process
  • The training session will introduce a beginner to the activities that sit behind these steps

Aims and Objectives

Aim: Provide a Beginner's Guide to Interfaces and Interdependencies

Objectives: by the end of the session a delegate will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by Interfaces
  • Explain what is meant by Interdependencies
  • Explain how Interfaces can be controlled and managed
  • Explain how Interdependencies can be controlled and managed
  • Identify potential risks when managing Interfaces and Interdependencies
  • Employ strategies for the management of Interfaces and Interdependencies
  • Explain how Interface and Interdependency management fits in to the overall Systems Engineering technical process

Course Trainer



  • Served in the RAF for 23 years as an Aerospace Systems Operator (ASOp), January 1987 to August 2010
  • Joined BAE Systems Saudi Arabia as a Systems Engineer in January 2011
  • Spent one year as C4I System Simulation Design Manager
  • Further year as Technical Manager for Mission Support on RSAF Typhoon (Salam Project)
  • Four years as the Technical Manager for Aircraft & Systems on the Aircraft & Training Devices Acquisition project (SBDCP LOA1)
  • Moved to BAE Systems Land UK in January 2017 as the Systems Design Lead on the Challenger 2 LEP (Life Extension Project)
  • Member of the IET and INCOSE