Following last year’s initial trial run at ASEC 2015, and the highly successful Fringe sessions at IS2016 in Edinburgh, we are once again offering a set of additional side elements to complement the main technical programme.

CPD and MyCareerPath

Tuesday, 15th November - 11:00

We are pleased to have Ben Jones, Professional Development Executive at the Engineering Council, with us to discuss the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) and to provide a demonstration of how to use their MyCareerPath tool to record CPD evidence against professional competencies

Architecture Working Group

Tuesday, 15th November - 15:30

This year, 2016, is the 10th anniversary of the UK Chapter’s Architecture Working Group (AWG). During the last decade, the AWG has undertaken research, created a variety of products and supported the development of international standards. The AWG is now a key component of the broader international INCOSE architecture scene and features in many initiatives both underway and planned. This session provides an opportunity to find out about the AWG’s achievements over the last 10 years, the current ‘state of architecture’ - both good and bad - and what the AWG is proposing to do about it. New members are always welcome!

Service Systems Engineering

Tuesday, 15th November - 15:30


  • To provide INCOSE members with a view of the Working Group
  • To provide the Working Group with feedback on work done and ideas for the way forward.


  1. Quick overview of the work so far
  2. Exercise:
    • Identify the Stakeholders involved in providing a service, and their requirements
    • Work through a scenario to find the interactions between the stakeholders and develop the solution
    • Consider the technical, financial and commercial aspects of providing a service
  3. Identify differences between providing a service and providing a product
  4. Identify what has been useful from the session


Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th November - 13:30

There is going to be a “Fringe” session each day. The exact content of these sessions is yet to be fully determined, but the intent is to be engaging and informative, providing a space where delegates can explore aspects of Systems Engineering and its relationship with its wider context. Watch out for further details on INCOSE UK media channels and social media as we approach the event

MBSE Working Group

Wednesday, 16th November - 15:30

During this session the Model-Based Systems Engineering Working Group will give a brief overview of it's objectives and current work-streams, plus launch a new 'Interest Group' activity aimed at keeping all members informed about all things MBSE.